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the winter blahs

February 26, 2012

The winter blahs….I got ‘em.

I’ve noticed a trend the past few years as the outside is grey, the holidays are over, my busy season has passed…I start to lose my motivation. I don’t feel like shooting, I definitely don’t feel like blogging and I just really wish something green would start poking up from the ground. Then every year, something clicks and all of a sudden, I want to do it all again. The past few years, I have to admit it has something to do with Vegas. I spent this past week there attending classes, (avoiding crazy people on the street) meeting new friends, (resisting the urge to hug all the scantily clad girls to assure them they didn’t need to do that with their lives) reconnecting with old friends (hitting up a 24 hour foot rub place…wait, what?) and basking in the warm glorious sun.

photo 21 the winter blahs

So after all that, here I am!  I’ve been working on my business the last few days, making some decisions on where I want it to go, and really getting things set up in the way they should have been when I opened up shop again this past fall. To say the past few years have been crazy would be an understatement, and I’m so truly happy to be where I’m at. There are some exciting things coming up that I’ll be talking about here and there, and also you might be seeing a few different things from me. I will not make a promise to blog daily, weekly or even monthly for that matter….what I do promise is that I will blog when I’m really excited about something, and I hope you will be too. For both of you that read this, I know you gotta be stoked about that!

So anyway, enough of my rambling…today, I felt like shooting. I rounded up my favorite little girl. She did her best to brave the cold for a little while, and this is what I ended up with…hope you like. icon smile the winter blahs

PS, would anyone would like to explain to me when my sweet little girl grew up?? It’s like she sprouted legs overnight, I swear.

IMG 1195ed the winter blahs

IMG 1294ed the winter blahs

IMG 1243ed the winter blahs

IMG 1330ed the winter blahs